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About Wrinkle Art Toys

Wrinkle Art Toys makes art accessible to everyone and provides fun vintage toys and collectibles for the child in you. Get your fix of original works of art by various artists from around the United States. Artist’s reproductions, stickers, and other artsy merchandise along with a vast collection of contemporary fine art from Samuel Gillis, and Roger Moy. Toy collectibles from Phat Pants Productions and beyond.
Wrinkle Art Toys has become a vendor forum where they can create a page to sell, trade, and buy from artists and toy hunters alike. Our site is a great resource for creativity and fun and also for the collector in you.

Feature Animation
Samuel Gillis

Gamers Attic Show

The Gamer’s Attic Show is a family-friendly YouTube comedy channel, that draws inspiration from 1980s shows like The Super Mario Bros Super Show, Captain N: The Game Master, and many others. Every show features – “The Host with the Most Lives and Unlimited Continues” Player 1 and from time to time some of his buddies such as Ghostbusters Chris and Super Hero Bryan

Support Our Community

Our creative community is the start of something. We have been looking for creatives, toy hunters, and collectibles alike. We give them the ability to add their brand and manage a mini-site to help keep them independent creatives and hunters.

Wrinkle Art Toys & The Gift of Giving

It’s a great yet sad story of how Wrinkle Art Toys started. This community is the brainchild of Artist Samuel Gillis and his now passed-away wife Writer/Artist Glendy X. Mattalia. We are a growing community of creatives, toys, and collectibles who share their artistic creations, collections, and passion for toys. Our goal is to find ways to give back. We are making our little dent in ways that help others with our outreach to various charitable donations. Here are some of the ways we made a dent. Our main focus now is the fight against cancer with the Glendy X. Mattalia donation of her artistic creations.

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