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Samuel Gillis (the talent)
A classically trained painter who studied at The Atelier Alternative, The School of the Art Institute, and Indiana University. Sam is a prolific artist whose work has been featured in museums and exhibitions around the world including the John G. Shedd Aquarium, National Museum of Mexican Art, and the River East Art Center. Fun fact: Sam makes a mean lasagna and his hobbies include playing bass and trying cool stuff like Tuvan throat singing.

Wrinkle Art Toys makes art accessible to everyone and provides fun vintage toys and collectibles for the child in you. Get your fix of original works of art by various artists from around the United States. Artist’s reproductions, stickers, and other artsy merchandise along with a vast collection of contemporary fine art from Samuel Gillis, and Roger Moy. Toy collectibles from Phat Pants Productions and beyond.
Wrinkle Art Toys has become a vendor forum where they can create a page to sell, trade, and buy from artists and toy hunters alike. Our site is a great resource for creativity and fun and also for the collector in you.

Always a 14-day return policy on art and products fulfilled by Wrinkle Art Toy Find We want you fully satisfied with your art or vintage toy buy Vendors set their own return policy or non-refundable terms for services and goods rendered

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