Vendors Playbook

1.Vendors create a venue on Wrinkle Art Toys to display their creations, vintage toys and collectibles.
2. Wrinkle Art Toys is Free to create and enless platform for you art and other accepted merchandise. There is a 15% accessed for each sale helps to build the platform and experience.
3. We are an open platform and promote vendors along with the merchants promotion on Wrinkle Art Toys to help build community.
4. Vendors community can submit featured content as examples exhibits, toy shows and other collectible news and information.
5. Return policy is set up for by each seller. Normal return policy for Wrinkle Art Toys is 14 days. Returns are up to vendors decide if they adhere to the Wrinkle Art Returns 14 days.
6. Shipping costs for each sale is responsibilty of Vendors to decide and which company to use. We can suggest Pirateship or Shippo for best rates. We suggest to have insurance and tracking for everyones protection.
7. Vendors submit you video tutorials, vintage toys videos affiliate links for inclusion to Wrinkle Art Toy Find.
8. All Vendors can create by request and approval by Wrinkle Art Toys merchandase using various fulfilment services. There is a 25% commission after all shipping, service fees and taxes where applicable for dropshipped products. All Products have a 21 day fulfillment process depending on time of year holidays or any other technical issues.